Businesses and individuals of the Arkansas Valley work together to make sure 4-H and FFA project animals sell for a good price

The Arkansas Valley Fair has the custom of allowing the youngsters in 4-H and FFA to show their livestock at a genuine sale, and nobody goes away empty-handed. The reporter was astonished that the animals all went for prices from $1,000 to $2,800. The buyers were not all large businesses. There were pools of bidders, which allowed smaller businesses and individuals to get into the act. This is not a wealthy area, but when people get together, they get things done. Here is Susan Russell’s explanation:

“My husband, Curt, and I plus others such as Richard White and Bill Hancock, and the Fowler 100 Club, have actively coordinated pools for many years. There are many businesses throughout the valley that have a limited budget but really want to help the 4-H and FFA members. We try to tap into that generosity by letting them designate their level of giving. With that commitment, we then pool the dollars and bid for the groups. This allows a strong base throughout the sale. Both big and small supporters really strive to aid the 4-H and FFA members since the premiums help the youth learn to pay their expenses, to save for college, and even have some seed money for next year's project.”