Comcast's recently unveiled logo might be new, but it's very familiar. The cable giant has incorporated the NBC peacock into the new design, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The iconic peacock, which first debuted at NBC in 1956, has replaced the red crescent that used to accompany the Comcast name.

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"The peacock is one of the most recognizable brands in America, and if you look at the iconic peacock with the modern new font for Comcast, it brings together the whole concept of media and technology," a spokeswoman for Comcast said.

The change comes about after Comcast acquired NBC Universal last year, making the network one of its highest-profile businesses, though it only accounts for 2 percent of Comcast's operating profit and 13 percent of its revenue.

Eventually, the new logo will be emblazoned on all Comcast service trucks, print and TV advertisements, and customers' cable bills, but until then, you can check out the new design on its website.

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