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News to know

North Korea announced today that it plans to proceed with more nuclear tests and rocket launches, CNN reports. The announcement also called the U.S. "the sworn enemy of the Korean people" and claimed the tests were leading up to actions targeting the U.S. The statement is believed to be in response to a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning the recent North Korean rocket launch and expanding sanctions against the country, which the U.S. pushed for.

Quote of note

"Helping to establish a relationship with Vietnam that serves American interests and values, rather than one that remained mired in mutual resentment and bitterness, is one of my proudest accomplishments as a senator, and I expect it is one of John's as well. Working toward that end with John, and witnessing almost daily his exemplary statesmanship, is one of the highest privileges I've had here." - Sen. John McCain, during Sen. John Kerry's Secretary of State confirmation hearing. McCain, who also introduced Kerry at the hearing, served with Kerry on a committee to resolve POW statuses and ensure normal relations with Vietnam during the Clinton administration.

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