Have you been down in the dumps lately? It might be time to relocate to San Jose, Salt Lake City, or Seattle.

According to a new report by online career community Glassdoor, these three cities are home to some of the country’s most satisfied workers.  

Glassdoor just released its second annual Employment Satisfaction Report Card, revealing how the largest United States metros compare in terms of employee satisfaction, number of employers hiring, and business outlook over the past 12 months, according to local employees.

San Jose, California takes the top spot for a second consecutive year, with an employee satisfaction rating of 3.5 out of 5.

“When we look at company reviews shared by San Jose-based employees, we see them speaking favorably about opportunities to work at several companies impacting lives and businesses around the world, new career opportunities with room for advancement, experienced senior leaders, a healthy work-life balance, and handsome compensation and benefits packages, which can include perks like free food, transportation to work, game rooms and gyms at work, and more,” says Scott Dobroski, Glassdoor’s community expert. “In addition, it wasn’t a big surprise to see San Jose rank number one, as it is home to seven companies, including Google, Apple, and eBay, which made Glassdoor’s most recent Best Places to Work list.”

San Francisco trails close behind in the number two spot, earning a score of 3.4, while Washington, D.C. rounds out the top three.

“We know that job seekers in all stages in their careers may consider moving to a new city for a new opportunity, so we compiled this report, entirely based on local employee feedback by city, to give those job seekers more perspective into how employment satisfaction compares across America’s 50 largest cities,” Dobroski says.

When it comes to the places with the greatest employment opportunities, New York City takes the lead with a whopping 13,332 employers currently hiring, followed by Chicago, where 9,342 companies are trying to fill jobs.

Meanwhile, employees in Salt Lake City, Utah are most optimistic about business improving, as 52% believe it will get better in the next six months. Jacksonville, Florida ranked second in this category, with 50% saying they’re hopeful that business will improve.

Here are the 20 cities with the most satisfied workers, according to employees.

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