Some dogs are professional dogs — police dogs, drug-sniffing dogs, therapy dogs, and performing dogs, among other employed canines. 

But increasingly, employers are inviting dogs without formal dog training into the workplace. Their job? Sleep. Drool. Be dogs. 

In honor of their dogged contributions to the GDP, and because today is National Take Your Dog to Work Day, Glassdoor has rounded up 10 of the best places for dogs and their fans. 

Dogs at The Nerdery, a custom software solutions company, may not know much about coding, but "having dogs at work is great for morale," says one employee.

Here, a dog at ticketing and events marketplace Eventbrite is fostering "trust, team cohesion, and intimacy" in the San Francisco office. A 2010 study from Central Michigan University found that office dogs inspire more collaboration between employees.


These two dogs are hard at work at crowdfunding platform Indiegogo's office in San Francisco. "It proves a really good stress reliever if you can bend down and pet your own dog, or you can walk down to the cubicle next to you and pet an animal. It can even reduce your blood pressure," a Human Society Representative told the Chicago Tribune.


It's not surprising that pet health insurance company PetPlan's Philadelphia-area headquarters has multiple dogs in the office every day. Employees who bring pets to work are asked to sign a "Pets at Work Pledge," to ensure cross-species harmony. (Ties optional.)

At Payscape, an Atlanta-based company that helps companies collect payment, dogs are not expected to have human work ethic. Unlike their owners, they're only in the office on Fridays.

This dog works at the fitness-focused Specialized Cycle. While the company is known for being dog-friendly, they do not yet make 4-pedaled bicycles.

Another study found that office dogs, like this French Bulldog at Glassdoor, may reduce employee stress and increase job satisfaction — both for their owners, and for everyone around them.


This Corgi works at the dog-friendly California offices of Procore Technologies, where people work on building construction management software and dogs work on being adorable.

Rover offers various services to dog owners, but dogs can help companies "bond with clients and vendors" in all kinds of non-dog industries, says Fast Company. That's especially true at Rover, which offers various services to dog owners. This dog feels very good about its work, as demonstrated by the high-five.


At Nesté Purina PetCare's headquarters in Saint Louis, Kaiser the dog demonstrates stress-reduction.

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