It's only one day into San Diego Comic-Con but it looks like the winner of this year's convention is not "Star Wars" or a Marvel property. It is Bill Murray.

Murray is known for his random public appearences, which sometimes seem more like a myth than truth. "No one will ever believe you" has become a mantra surrounding Murray.

Well, we can believe this one. 

On Thursday, Murray showed up to Comic-Con and took social media by storm. 

Before making his way to the panel, Murray put on a show.

Tweet Embed:
Bill Murray walking through Hall H singing ‘Smoke on the Water.’ GOOD MORNING.

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Now I'm gonna have Smoke on the Water stuck in my head all day thanks a lot Bill Murray

And in case those Tweets seem to good to be true, there is video evidence of him walking out to "Smoke On the Water."

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Bill Murray, ladies and gentlemen. #ComicCon

Murray showed that nobody knows how to interact with his fans quite like he does. He even signed a fan's head.

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i love u bill murray

And he didn't go anywhere until he greeted as many of his fans as possible.

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#ComicCon2015 #billmurray walking through the main aisle!

Turns out he was there to promote one of his movies, in a panel for his upcoming film "Rock the Kasbah."

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This is Bill Murray's very FIRST appearance at Comic-Con! #SDCC2015 #SDCC #ComicCon #ComicCon2015 #BillMurray

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@BillMurray promoting his movie Rock the Casbah #HallH @HallHLine @EnglishmanSDCC @SD_Comic_Con @Crazy4ComicCon

Once his work was done, Murray stopped by the "Hunger Games" panel to meet one of his biggest fans, Jennifer Lawrence. 

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These two. Backstage at #ComicCon. #JenniferLawrence #BillMurray #MockingjaySDCC #SDCC

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Imagen de Jennifer Lawrence junto a Bill Murray #MockingjaySDCC

 Talk about a Snapchat to make your friends jealous.

Murray's next film, "Rock the Kasbah," will be out in theaters on October 23.

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