Every year, Delbert "Doc" Jones, on the second or third weekend in March, invites his friends who enjoy farming by traditional methods (team and plow) to come help him plow his fields.

Doc Jones’ Farm Day drew a large crowd this weekend and the weather was perfect. Teams of plow horses, buggies, and farm families came from as far away as Arizona and Nebraska. Jones said there were four or five couples from Texas.

A family from Alamosa was happy to be here in our nice warm spring weather. When they left Alamosa on Saturday morning, the temperature was 10 degrees. There were families from Cortez, Grand Junction, Steamboat, and Cheyenne Wells. Jones said one man told him traffic was held up on Wolf Creek Pass because a large semi was jack-knifed across the road. The driver had no choice but to get out and chain up before he could move his rig.

The dominant type of horses at Farm Day were the large draught horses - Percheron, Belgians, and Clydesdales. Every year Jones hosts the get-together on the second or third weekend in March. There are always demonstrations of plowing, blacksmithing, roping, and other old-time farming skills, culminated by a potluck dinner on Saturday night and guitar playing and singing around the porch at the bunkhouse.