I am Theresa J. Willey from La Junta, Colo. I grew up mostly in La Junta but had to move away for a time, but La Junta has always been considered my home.

Riding horses, barrel racing, and rodeos have been my passion for many years. I was helping my family through an illness and unable to participate in these sports for 25 years. I am a waitress in La Junta and I barrel race whenever possible, which takes many hours and a lot of travel time. I work hard at my job as well as my racing.

I run three horses which are very competetive - just as I am. Two of them are eight-year-old Thoroughbred gelding "Thunder Style" and 15-year-old Thoroughbred gelding "Run Du Run."

These are two ex-race horses. I wanted to give them a chance at life in a different world. I am beginning to seriously work a 15-year-old Paint, "Spanish T-Bone," which I love. I have used these horses for a job on the race track and wanted them to be able to stay with me and still be winners.

"WE" - the Thoroughbreds and I - qualified for the National Barrell Horse Association World Finals two years in a row, 2017 and 2018. Last year there were 575 qualifiers including "WE"! "WE" have won two saddles and six buckles, and have qualified to attend the 2018 competition in Georgia in the first two years back into racing, and also the great race in Las Vegas, Nev. I would love to attend one of these events.

"WE" plan to run in the CPRA (Colorado Pro Rodeo Association). This means that I must attend more rodeos. La Junta is my home but there are not many events in this area, so travel is a must. I hope to expand to Kansas, Nebraska, and the race in Las Vegas. Some of the entry fees are very high - as much as $600 for a weekend.

I am asking for sponsors to help make these competetions a reality. I would be honored to advertise your business and/or product. If a magnet for my truck or trailer , caps, t-shirts, etc., are supplied, I will promote these at every event on all of my travels for many years as I continue racing. It is not easy to hit the road running, but "WE" believe it is what we are meant to do. "Change Your Dreams" is what I say and it is easier said than done.

Thank you for any support.

Theresa J. Willey
La Junta, Colo.

Contact me: (602) 740-5587 • tornjeans@rocketmail.com