One of the reasons Yosef Camire and his wife Havah moved from the city to a farm near Peyton was to raise their kids in a wholesome, rural environment.

Son Asher is proof that their investment is paying off. At age 11, he has taken the initiative to become the youngest registered blacksmith in Colorado.

He showed off his skills by forging and hammering out a nail in his home-built shop during a recent tour and open house at the family’s Ahavah Farm.

“After taking my first beginners class, I was hooked,” he explains in a pamphlet he wrote to describe his fledgling business doing odd jobs and selling items like key chains and knives. “I loved blacksmithing so much that I pursued it with all of my energy.”

After seeing a blacksmithing demonstration at a Denver fair as a youngster, he saved up his money to take classes from Kilroy’s Workshop in nearby Falcon. He pursued his training with so much dedication that his instructor, Ron Hardman, allowed him to take the test to become a registered and licensed journeyman blacksmith.

Many of the items Camire makes, such as gate hooks and latches, can be seen in use around the farm.

The self-initiative he has shown for building up his business has been seamlessly integrated into his education: he and his four younger siblings are all homeschooled.

With write-ups in several papers and his own You-Tube channel promoting his shop and explaining his techniques, he continues to develop a following and routinely sells handmade items at the Colorado Farm and Art Market in Colorado Springs.

“I am currently continuing my classes,” he writes, and thanks his customers for “supporting a young man with a dream and a passion.”