The cowgirls who make up the Cactus Flowers WRRA team are no strangers to ranch work - their branding, sorting, and doctoring skills match the handiest of cowboys. Last month during the Women's Ranch Rodeo Association World Finals in Dodge City, Kansas, the team showcased their talents and earned the WRRA world title.

Heather Grokett (Limon, CO.), LeAnn Perry (Boone, CO.), Beth Hiatt (Fountain, CO.), and Denise McClurg (Logan, KS.), make up the championship team. The ladies have a special connection that's built on the western lifestyle.

According to LeAnn, they met through the ranching community and western activities, like roping and rodeos. The bond amongst the group makes the rodeo trail, and the success, even more special.

"We have a blast rodeoing and traveling together," says Perry.

The team qualified for the world championship by competing in five WRRA rodeos across Nebraska.

Each rodeo consists of five events - calf branding, sorting, doctoring, trailer loading, and stray gathering. The Cactus Flowers stayed consistent throughout the competition, winning the first go-round, the average in the doctoring, and ultimately claimed the WRRA championship.  

Each member of the Cactus Flowers received certificates for a Cactus saddle, STS leather jackets, trophy buckles by Shae Michelle, and prize money.

The mission of the Women's Ranch Rodeo Association (WRRA) is to educate everyone about the heritage and importance of working ranch women while perpetuating an promoting the sport of Women's Ranch Rodeo.

LeAnn values the association for not only the opportunities it affords working ranch women but also for the caliber of cowgirls in the sport.  

"The WRRA I feel is very unique. It's an extremely competitive group of women, but the comradery is amazing. If a team is making a smokin' run, they are cheering for you, or if you are making a hard-luck run, they are yelling encouraging you," claims LeAnn.

The Cactus Flowers would like to thank all of the WRRA sponsors, their team sponsors (Fresh Rides, Producers Livestock-Dustin Bowling, McClurg Bits and Spurs), and the WRRA Committee members.