1.   Trim the hind feet of a short horse

         2.   Change a split rim tire

         3.   Patch an aluminum stock tank

         4.   Get the cockleburs out of your dog’s coat

         5.   Buy your spouse somethin’ they’d really like for Christmas

         6.   Get the lawn mower goin’ every spring

         7.   Round up a loose cow on the highway

         8.   Comfort a sick child

         9.   Start a cantankerous chain saw

         10.  Diagnose a horse lameness

         11.  Treat mastitis

         12.  Find the calf with the bloody stool

         13.  Start a Ford pickup in the winter

         14.  Pack out an elk

         15.  Rope five in a row

         16.  Find a parking space at the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis

         17.  Find a friend twice at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas

         18.  Find the right open end wrench for anything

         19.  Stop a hot blooded horse from jiggin’

         20.  Go to sleep when you gotta get up early

         21.  Sharpen a Buck knife

         22.  Ride in a strange saddle

         23.  Back up to a bumper hitch stock trailer

         24.  Take down old fence wire

         25.  Remember everybody’s name