The most asked question this last week has been… “What’s the market doing?” This last Wednesday’s market was very active on all steers and lite heifers. We really didn’t have an offering of the heavier steers & heifers, but I would say they would have been very steady.

Anything that could go to grass or wheat (steers or heifers) was very active. The last sale of December is usually not very active due to the holidays, but our December 19th sale was much higher and very active.

The first sale of 2019 was steady to that last sale. The 300 weight steers 220 to 210, and the lite 400 weight steers were bringing over 200 down to the low 190’s.

The one market that wasn’t very good was the butcher cows and butcher bulls, and it sounds like to me it could get even cheaper. It might be February before it gets any better. I think looking forward, as we move through spring, I can see the lite cattle getting stronger even as we go through the rest of the year (as long as we get moisture).

As far as feeder cattle, usually they get cheaper the closer we get to summer, but I think they will continue steady and not getting a whole lot cheaper. This fall I can see the calf market being 10-25% higher because of a higher percentage of the open cows this last fall and winter (less mamas = less babies).

Maybe we didn’t vote in the right people in Washington, D.C. …. they are like a bunch of grade school kids. Just sayin'. I have people ask me if this shutdown will affect the cattle market… I think if it doesn’t last too long, then, no, I don’t believe it will. But, if it is long term, the government employees don’t get a paycheck; and then they won’t eat the more expensive cuts of beef, and it may ultimately affect the market.

Don’t forget about the Special Bred Heifer, Cow, & Pair sale coming up on the 26th. I estimate about 1500 cattle. Call now to consign!

See you Wednesday at the Sale!