Last Tuesday, students in the Rocky Ford Animal Science class held a Best Burger competition as a finale to their Meat Science studies.

CSU Extension Agent, Marlena Griesse and Animal Science Instructor, Teresa Walz began the meat science unit in late November.

Griesse presented five different lessons which covered beef, sheep, swine, goats, and chickens.

Students judged various cuts of meat, learned what part of the animal has the best cuts, practiced food safety, as well as carcass grading and other topics.

 In the classroom, throughout December and early January, Ms. Walz led students through a multitude of meat science lessons including feeding, USDA inspection, animal selection, and more.

The burger competition allowed students to choose what they would like on their “perfect burger.”

The categories were: veggies, sauces, spices, cheese, and other which included French fried onions, peanut butter, roasted garlic, and egg.

Students were also judged based on the burger’s appearance, creativity, flavor, their poster, presentation, and salesmanship.

Jace Cox was the grill master and cooked each burger to perfection.

Principal, Cindy Cowan had the extremely difficult job of choosing the “best burger.”

After sampling 12 delicious burgers, the contest resulted in a tie for first place between Greta Scofield and Jace Cox.  

Ms. Walz and the Animal Science class would like to thank Marlena Griesse for her expertise and providing such educational lessons, Ms. Cowan for judging the contest and her continued support of the Ag program, and Mr. Van Dyk for providing the grill and his assistance.

Animal Science students are: Kailene Black, Jace Cox, Andrea Crafton, Michael Gonzales, Kaysa Kurtz, Daisy Medina, Santino Mendoza, Adrian Pizano, Greta Scofield, Autumn Tucker, Dillon Garcia, and Bethany Hawley.