Here in La Junta, we had rain on Friday, and then it snowed that night. We ended up with about 1.5” moisture.

Then Monday night and Tuesday morning, same thing, another 1.5” moisture. Then, we got more yesterday, maybe 3-4/10’s.

I buy about 12-14 loads of calves for a customer in Kansas. He’s got four so far (as of now). The complaint is that it’s too wet, too muddy…. week after week it’s the same story from him.  One of the major feedlots in Kansas… a guy says it’s just a big old lagoon! This is just a small sample of so many stories I’ve heard.

It just won’t freeze hard and long enough and won’t ever dry out, so the conditions stay too wet to place cattle.

You can see the predicament that the farmers, ranchers, and feedlots are in with too much moisture. Two weeks ago we had nearly 4000 cattle, and it was really a struggle with 575 lb and up classes.

This week, we had 1200 cattle and the market was a lot more active. It was 6.00 to 12.00 higher and on all classes.

My crystal ball says that we need the moisture, but with some dry days, this will get better for the 300 lb to 800 lb cattle.

With the butcher cow and butcher bull market, I see an improvement in about 1.5 to 2 months from now. There are still lots of cows still on feed. If you take an 1100 lb cow that yields 42%, it makes 450 lbs of meat.

If you put her on feed for 100 days, and she weighs 1500 lbs and yields 55%, it makes 825 lbs of meat. We haven’t increased the cow numbers, but we have increased the tonnage.

As far as the bred cow market, I think it is a buyers market right now. But the reason it is, if you do not have cheap feed or cheap hay, it will make for a high priced pair this spring.