Steven Kalaher  and the Otero Junior Colllege Art Department hosted an exhibit of the art work of Arthur Derbigny and Darlene Derbigny, Thursday evening at the Art Gallery in the OJC Student Center. The event was well-attended and varied and impressive in its offerings.

Darlene Derbigny, a painter, said, “I paint what seems important to me. I am concerned about social issues, especially how we treat one another. Mandela, Malala, and Hillary are examples of social issues. I lived in New York City for nearly three decades. Remembering those years, I have painted icons of New York City. I am aware of the spiritual versus the mundane.”

Photographer Arthur Derbigny said, "A photograph is a thing out of time. In its basic state, it is a faithful representation of a single instant during which specific objects, lightings, angles, shadows, combinations of elements and their exact juxtapositions come together to form the image envisioned by the photographer. That image is a record of a unique time and a unique set of conditions, a slice of reality that has never before existed, and will never again recur."

Arthur Derbigny became interested in photography during college courses, developing his own black-and-white film and working with trays and odorous chemicals and various printing papers. He went on to color film, where timings and liquid temperatures had to be exact and carried out within a light-tight tube.

He described digital photography as “A whole new world of possibilities for creative expression, with many more tools for achieving a desired outcome. It is more convenient than chemical processing, and the results are immediately visible, but discipline and artistic vision are still required.”

Darlene and Arthur Derbigny met and married while they were teaching in the same school in New York City. They have been active in the community since moving to La Junta, where Darlene has many family connections.

The Derbignys' work will be exhibited at the Student Center OJC Gallery (the former bookstore) through Saturday.