Members of the FFA in Las Animas released the list of members who qualified for state competition, scheduled June 4-6 in Pueblo.


Ag Mech

Took 3rd in the District, placed 13 of 24 in the region

Miles Rader - 4th in District, 8/85 in the region

Also on Ag Mech: Cutter Nichols and Joe Hawkins



Took 2nd in District, 6/13 in region

Shelby Eck - 3rd in District

Jimmi Boyd - 6th in District

Also on team for state: Roper Nichols, Aailyah Guerrero

Also on team: Phoebe Frausto


Milk Quality

Took 2nd in District

James Zook - District Champion, 11/55 in region

Also qualifying for state: Shad Chavez, Alex Torres, Xavier Kimsey



Took 4th in District, 7/28 in region (will go to state for top 25% in region)

Gayle Boyd - 3rd in District, 4/93 in region

Gabe DeVargas - 30/93 in region

Also Maranatha DeVargas



District Champions, 3/25 in region (only beat by Pueblo County and Elbert County)

Hailey Davidson - District Champion, 2nd in region out of 89

Kaden Maes - 3rd in District, 16/89 in region

Dannel Elmore - 4th in District, 24/89 in region



District Champions, 4/8 in region

Devon Frazier - District Champion

Michael Boggs - 2nd in District

Landen England - 4th in District