Twelve members of the Fowler FFA chapter attended the 91st Annual Colorado FFA State Convention, held June 4-6. They participated in multiple competitions, leadership events, workshops, career expos, and all-around convention fun.

State Convention is a way for chapters from around the state to come together to compete, learn, make decisions, and reflect on achievements, as well as show pride in their chapter. This year, the Fowler FFA chapter sent teams to participate in Quiz bowl, Parliamentary Procedure and Extemporaneous speaking.

The Quiz bowl team consisted of Ashton Cash, Jerimiah Devore and Rebecca Baldwin. The team made it all the way to the semifinals but were kicked off the winning train by Cedaredge FFA. They received Gold Pins and were recognized in the gold category.

The Parliamentary Procedure LDE showcases a team’s ability to run a meeting efficiently, as well as show their knowledge of parliamentary law. The team’s members included Chair Kaitlyn Smith, Secretary Dominik Becerra, and Members Cutler Hampton, Danielle Pruett, Thor Schiffer and Kaley Peiper. The team placed in the bronze category and, therefore, did not move to the Finals Round.

Extemporaneous speaking is so absolutely fun to watch, if not to participate in, because the speakers only know what they are speaking about approximately 30 minutes before they speak. This contest showcases a speaker’s ability to come up with solid, important material on the fly and make split second decisions on how to answer questions about their speech and topic.

Fowler FFA sent speaker Dominik Becerra to state competition, and by all means he spoke his heart out but sadly did not go forward into the finals round and ended up placing silver.

We also had two delegates and two alternates who attended meetings to make decisions about FFA at the State level. They consisted of Kaley Peiper, Cutler Hampton, Cheyenne Lange and Jayden Osborne.

Another achievement accomplished by Fowler members was the acceptance of SAE grants. SAE stands for Supervised Agricultural Experience Members. Kaley Pieper and Jayden Osborne showcased their SAEs and received grant money to help further their SAEs.

On behalf of the Fowler FFA Chapter, congratulations to all members in our chapter and all members throughout the state.

This year, Dominik Becerra ran for State Office. He interviewed two days prior to convention and was an intern during convention. Thursday night, he was awarded the office of Colorado State FFA Vice President. Congratulations to Dominik Becerra.