The Annex by Ardent Mills has announced a new partnership with Colorado Quinoa, LLC to clean, mill and market quinoa grown in Colorado's San Luis Valley. The relationship will provide commercial customers with the benefits of stable pricing, scalable supply, sustainability and traceability back to local farms, all backed by the resources and support of Ardent Mills.

Ardent Mills, headquartered in Denver, is the nation's largest flour miller, with more than 40 flour mills and bakery-mix facilities, a specialty bakery and Mobile Innovation Center, all located in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. The Annex is a business unit of Arden Mills that focuses on specialty grains.

"We are excited to collaborate with Colorado Quinoa as part of our commitment to ancient and heirloom grains, plant-based ingredients and value-added products," said Shrene White, general manager of The Annex. "By being the exclusive supplier of Colorado Quinoa, we are furthering our commitment to family farms, the future of food and making The Annex the go-to source for domestically grown quinoa for our customers."

A recent study conducted by The Annex pointed to the strong associations consumers have with quinoa, a small seed that is high in protein and gluten-free. The study found that in retail products, quinoa ranked in the top 10 ingredients in terms of driving health perception and purchasing intent. Its extraordinary versatility makes it popular on restaurant menus, where its culinary presence continues to grow.

For commercial customers looking for a sustainable and domestic source, Colorado Quinoa offers comparable taste, color, size and cooking volume to varieties grown in South America, with the added benefit of a stable supply chain, competitive prices and scalability in a U.S. grown product. It is an exceptional supplement or alternative to imported white quinoa and increases opportunities for domestic growth, selling and consumption, according to The Annex officials.

"Quinoa grown in Colorado's San Luis Valley has an amazing sustainability story," White said. "Growers in the valley are seeking ways to increase water levels in the Rio Grande Aquifer, which provides 240 million gallons of water per day for public use. Quinoa has very low water requirements, so it gives regional growers a profitable crop rotation option that promotes water conservation, soil biodiversity and sustainability."

"We chose to work with The Annex because they have the skills and capabilities required to make Colorado Quinoa a nationally and internationally viable quinoa variety," said Paul New, farmer and founder of Colorado Quinoa.

"Additionally, working with The Annex and Ardent Mills means we are supported by a trusted international supplier with expertise in processing, R&D, culinary, food safety, sustainability and marketing."

Colorado Quinoa is the latest addition to The Annex's portfolio of innovative grains and is available in white and multicolored varieties. Additional technical information, specifications and samples of Colorado Quinoa are available upon request.

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