It was a hot evening.
No utensils could be used during the enchilada, watermelon and jalapeno contest, so participants were required to use their hands.
Daniel Tucker, the winner of the enchilada contest, ate 2¼ boxes of enchiladas, with five enchiladas in each box.
The winner of each contest was awarded $25.
The winner of the watermelon contest James Gallegos, who ate 16 pieces of watermelon.
David Ortiz was the winner of the jalapeno eating contest.
Ortiz has won the last three jalapeno eating contests.
The eating contests were a part of Fiesta Day at the Arkansas Valley Fair.
The watermelon eating contest had the largest number of participants; the jalapeno eating contest had the fewest with three competitors.
Ortiz was the only competitor to finish the jalapeno eating contest.