On Oct. 13, the Fowler Roping Club (FRC) will remember Fowler native, Lyle Adams, and honor his undying legacy.

Adams was a devoted son of the late Walt and Violet Adams, and a loving brother to his siblings, Gailene (Adams) Hamilton, Paul Adams, and Lesa (Adams) Jacobs.

Adams graduated from Fowler Highschool in 1979 and shortly after settled down with his wife Pam (Walker) Adams west of Fowler. The couple had their daughter Blair Adams (Sharon) in 1984.

Adams' tragic death shook the Fowler community in August of 1988. According to an article published by The Pueblo Chieftain, Adams was traveling westbound on U.S. 50 when his farm truck was struck head-on by an eastbound vehicle. The accident occurred three miles west of Fowler, within sight of Adams' farm.

According to the article, FRC member Winston Coatney witnessed the collision.

"We had just seen Lyle in town a few minutes before this happened. We are good friends from the Fowler Roping Club," Coatney said in the interview.

During Adams' 28 years of life, he was a pillar of the Fowler and Arkansas Valley communities. He was passionate about his family, friends, farming, hunting and rodeo.

Adams' closest friend, County Commissioner Jim Baldwin, has many fond memories of hunting with Adams and shared this lighthearted story.

"One time we were driving the ditch bank, and a coyote ran up over the hill. Lyle had just got a pair of prescription glasses and he said, 'Man I can spot coyotes now.' So he jumped out, grabbed his gun, and ran up the hill," explained Baldwin.

Baldwin continued to describe that when Adams ran back down the hill, his glasses started sliding down his nose. "He lost his balance and took a digger right into a bunch of cactus."

"I could go on all day with stories of Lyle," said Baldwin.

Adams was instrumental in establishing the Fowler Roping Club arena and served as FRC director at the time of his death.

Linda Adkins, who was a member of FRC at the time, recalls Adams' involvement in building the FRC arena.

"Lyle was instrumental in building the Fowler Roping Club Arena," said Adkins. " Lyle, Bill Fellhauer, my husband Jim, and a few others, put hours and hours into building the arena south of town."

Baldwin can also attest to Adams' commitment to building the facility.

"Every spare time he [Adams] had he was out there building the arena and setting posts," said Baldwin.

Adams shared his fondness of rodeo with others and enjoyed roping with good friends like Manzanola's Brian Taylor.

According to Taylor, Adams worked hard and played harder.

"I remember getting Lyle off the tractor several times to go rope," said Taylor. "I'd get the horses saddled, and everything loaded then head to the field to pick him up."

Adams' impact on the Fowler community coupled with his dedication to the Fowler Roping Club and the sport of team roping has made the Lyle Adams Memorial Roping a beloved FRC tradition.

Unlike previous years, the Lyle Adams Memorial is a standalone event and will not be held in conjunction with the FRC Fall Series. There will be no youth events that day.

The jackpot memorial roping is for FRC members only; memberships can be purchased the day of the roping.

Entry fees are $50 a man, draw nine partners, with a 1/3 stock charge. Enter by 1 p.m., rope at 2 p.m.

According to FRC Director Lisa Uratani, the jackpot money will be paid out after the roping. A Tres Rios champion buckle will be awarded to the fastest time on the most head at the FRC Year-End Banquet, along with jackets and other prizes.

Call Lisa Uratani (719) 937-1579, or Teresa Walz (719) 248-1635 for more information.

"Knowing that the Fowler Roping Club keeps Lyle's memory alive through the FRC Lyle Adams Memorial, means the world to our family," said Gailene Hamilton. "We hope you'll join us as we remember a man with a heart of gold."