Puebloans who use mass transit are in for big changes spurred the COVID-19 outbreak.

At Pueblo Transit, all passengers without mobility impairment are asked to enter and exit through the rear door, though fares are now waived. No more than 10 people at a time would be allowed on a bus.

Meanwhile, six routes — Pueblo Mall, Bessemer, Berkley Beulah, Irving, Eastside, and Highland Park — are operating on 60-minute schedules instead of every half-hour.

Passengers should only use the bus when necessary, Pueblo Transit said in an announcement this weekend.

Meanwhile, through April 11, the Colorado Department of Transportation has suspended its Bustang and Outrider service to reduce intercity travel.

"We must do everything we can right now to limit the spread of COVID-19," CDOT Executive Director Shoshana Lew said in an announcement this weekend. "Minimizing travel between communities is one important piece of our fight against this virus."

Greyhound said in a statement that "with the lower demand for travel, our buses just aren’t full right now," so it continues to offer service.

"We have increased the amount of wipe-down cleaning of high-touch areas on our buses, including seats, arm rests, handles, windows and seat belts, throughout the day with a CDC-recommended disinfectant," the company said.


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