Try praying

Every day we hear a lot of information about coronavirus, as part of the solution we seldom hear the word prayer.

Just a suggestion and a challenge: How about saying a rosary to our blessed mother every day. If you’re not okay with that then simply say: "Lord Jesus, have mercy on us."

Who am I to make these suggestions? Catholic and living my faith.

Bob Sabo, Pueblo

Public power is good for Pueblo,

Water Board should run it

In Lori Winner’s guest column (March 22), she asserted that “the goal of the Electric Utility Commission was a city owned utility.” That is not quite true.

The City Council voted 7-0 on Sept. 25, 2017, to explore options to end its franchise contract with Black Hills Energy in 2020. The commission was tasked to answer the question: Would it be economically feasible and beneficial to set up a municipal utility?

The commission determined that it would be feasible and beneficial for Pueblo to do so. The members shared unanimous agreement on that point with the City Council in November of 2019.

However, during the commission’s process, three surveys conducted in Pueblo all agreed that no one wanted the city government to directly run the electric utility. In fact, when a council member stated on Feb. 10 to a packed City Council chamber that it would be cheaper for the city than for Pueblo Water to run the electric utility, the audience vocally disagreed.

Several council members also have stated they do not intend to run a new electric utility, preferring a separate, nonprofit organization operate it.

The commission showed that a public power utility can and should be created for Pueblo, with local control, good jobs and economic benefits. Pueblo Water, an established, not-for-profit utility, can supervise experienced electric utility contractors to provide daily operations and acquire cheaper wholesale power than we pay today.

Vote for charter amendment 2A on May 5.

Dr. Velma Campbell, Pueblo

Let’s help out

None of us have experienced what we're about to.

Driving recently on a weekday delivering meals on wheels, it seemed like a Sunday with empty streets. I couldn't count how many restaurants and bars have shuttered. It got me to thinking each of us could help in some small way.

Our household will order food from different restaurant’s curb service at least one day a week. It's not much, but if many folks did it perhaps those restaurants will survive.

Like everyone, I'm saddened by these trying times.

We're Pueblo strong. We will endure.

To paraphrase: "Let's roll."

William Drury, Pueblo