A thank you to some folks unseen

I woke up on a recent Sunday morning and turned on the lights, shuffled to the kitchen to start the coffee and breakfast. I then sat down and looked at the internet to catch up on what was happening. These mundane activities calm me and give structure to life in these chaotic times. I then thought of the small army of people I have to thank for this moment of calm.

These are the folks who keep the water and natural gas flowing, the electric power on and the internet working. Even as most of us huddle at home, these folks labor unseen, keeping the thin coating of civilization together. Without these utilities, available at the flip of a switch or turn of a knob, life would be much more difficult for most of us.

So along with the doctors, nurses, police and fire personnel, the first responders, don’t forget to thank those who also labor to keep it all together. They too are working to ensure the rest of us are safe, comfortable and informed.

Mike Bentley, Pueblo West

Give a hand to health care workers

So far, our health care providers in Pueblo and Pueblo West have not been faced with the enormous challenges as our fellow Americans in New York, California and Louisiana who have met with the coronavirus.

Think for a health care worker what is must feel like when at anytime one of us shows up at any of the emergency rooms and he or she could be treating a coronavirus patient.

I ask all of you to join me and my husband in showing thanks to our health care workers by dropping off snacks or just a thank you note. Let’s not wait to see if the virus hits us hard, but do it now to show our collective appreciation for their commitment to the health and well being of our entire community.

Lois Michaud, Pueblo West

Support commissioner Ortiz

I have been a lifelong resident and advocate for issues facing the Avondale community. For many years, it appeared that the Pueblo Board of County Commissioners did not give our concerns the priority we felt they deserved. That changed when Garrison Ortiz was elected to the board.

Mr. Ortiz has religiously attended our community meetings and has been accessible whenever called upon. It is refreshing and productive to have in Mr. Ortiz a commissioner who believes the needs of the smaller rural communities are just as important as those within the city limits.

The lack of internet service in today’s society is a huge disadvantage. The community approached Garrison about providing internet service to the entire McHarg Community Center and he responded immediately. Through his leadership, the county provided $10,000 for this much needed service.

Safety is one of the most, if not the most, critical needs in every community. The lack of street lighting presented serious safety issues for Avondale residents. With Commissioner Ortiz’s guidance, I was fortunate to have Black Hills Energy underwrite phase one of the street light project and the county completing phase two. The project resulted in the installation of 14 additional lights and the renovation of existing lights.

Garrison was not only instrumental in providing improvements to the Avondale Veterans Memorial Park, but physically lent a helping hand to the actual cleanup.

Avondale is now confident that it has a strong voice and access to county government because of Commissioner Ortiz’s strong leadership and commitment to all citizens in Pueblo County. His re-election will ensure that Avondale residents will continue to be represented and that is why I am excited to support and endorse Garrison Ortiz for Pueblo County commissioner and urge you to do the same.

Gloria Duran, Avondale