Mom knows best

Like all mothers, mine had a lot of favorite sayings that, though odd, have stuck in my brain all these years. One that I've thought about a lot recently was "cleanliness is next to godliness."

When checking my house for all the necessary cleaners and disinfectants and antibacterial potions needed during this current crisis, I sat down to rest a few minutes and ponder that bit of wisdom from my mom. And it made me wonder if her message wasn't spot on.

How many illnesses, plagues, epidemics and diseases could we humans have prevented through the years by simply practicing better hygiene? If a simple thing like washing our hands regularly, sanitizing our kitchen counters, and not sneezing and coughing into our hands or other people's faces will keep COVID-19 from spreading, why weren't we doing that all along? Shouldn't basic cleanliness and good hygiene practices just be an automatic part of our daily routine?

Maybe if we simply stop greeting people by shaking hands, we can put an end to all kinds of communicable diseases. It's certainly worth a try.

And Mom, I'm sorry it took me over 75 years to realize that you had the answer all along.

Emily Price, Pueblo West

Give a hand to health care workers

So far, our health care providers in Pueblo and Pueblo West have not been faced with the enormous challenges as our fellow Americans in New York, California and Louisiana have met with the coronavirus.

Think for a health care worker what is must feel like when at anytime one of us shows up at any of the emergency rooms and he or she could be treating a coronavirus patient.

I ask all of you to join me and my husband in showing thanks to our health care workers by dropping off snacks or just a thank you note. Let’s not wait to see if the virus hits us hard, but do it now to show our collective appreciation for their commitment to the health and well being of our entire community.

Lois Michaud, Pueblo West

Time for solid leadership

As we move into yet another week of trying times, and possibly months more, it is important that Pueblo County residents realize the importance of electing leadership that will be able to lead and guide our community in a safe and positive direction.

There is no question that serving as a county commissioner during normal circumstances is a difficult task. However, at this point in time, we need someone who has a history of working with legislators, business and corporate leaders, government agencies and their staff, and certainly looking after his/her constituents. Someone who can ensure that services, resources and funding are secured so that the community as a whole can function effectively during these trying times.

The individual I believe who is able to handle these responsibilities and represent the will of the people is Abel Tapia. He has a proven record of serving his local community as a school board member, legislator and business owner. His experience over the years has prepared him well to work effectively at many levels with government. His keen business sense will serve us all well in managing the county budget and the resources needed during this crisis.

Mr. Tapia’s experience managing his business and legislative issues during trying times is an asset, and his ability to keep a level head makes him an excellent choice for the position of county commissioner.

The question is do you want a novice or an expert as your county commissioner?

Tony Montoya, Pueblo West