Defense Production Act

Remember how President Donald Trump refused to invoke the Defense Production Act to secure medical equipment that governors, doctors and others have been pleading for?

Trump made it sound like the DPA was only a last ditch, “break glass in emergency” type of law he couldn’t possibly use. Au contraire, from the New York Times: “A Korean War-era law called the Defense Production Act has been used to place hundreds of thousands of orders by President Trump and his administration to ensure the procurement of vital equipment (body armor, missile parts, etc.), according to reports submitted to Congress and interviews with former government officials.”

Why has Trump and his administration been so hesitant to use the DPA to protect the health of our nation’s citizens, when the same act has been used thousands of times for other needs?

My guess is their reluctance is born out of political calculation. You see, if the federal government were leading in this crisis and used the DPA, people would see the federal government as a force for good. Instead, as the government hesitates, fumbles and stumbles, people will see it the way conservatives have been trying to portray it for years. Why let a crisis go to waste?

Richard MacIndoe, Pueblo