Morality is being sacrificed

to avoid hurt feelings

 Why is such bothersome stuff going on these days? It's keeping news program editors humming and one wonders: "What's happening?"

 The biased mainstream media aren't giving the straight story, but honest TV news (FOX and AOL) report Democratic politicians' childlike tantrums, including name calling and outright lying, morbid news of crimes and even deaths (because greedy criminals with idiots' support have brought drugs, legal or otherwise, into our communities), and the more than ususal vagrant related problems. Police, doing their level best to deal with subsequent problems, are outnumbered and overworked.

 I believe the majority of us decent citizens citizens abhor the situation, but what rights have we? Seemingly, the new liberal push accepts any deviant behavior so as to not cause anyone to feel "unloved."

 Tolerance of previously unacceptable social behavior, childish politicians' tantrums and record breaking extreme weather conditions, remind me of a chapter in a book that I read often. It describes communities that ceased to exist ages ago. I doubt you have heard of a place named Sodom and its neighbor Gomorrah. Very interesting and the last chapter describes the solution, but I wouldn't want you to read it, be upset and miss out on any of your "fun" using drugs.

 Bud Butler, Pueblo West


Pilgrims didn't assimilate

into American culture

 I have not read the Esther Cepeda column attacked in a recent letter to the editor. My take on this immigration issue is simple. As a country that has incessantly striven to deprive Latin America of economic development, it’s time we act responsibly.

 Regarding the aforementioned letter to the editor, we are informed that "the pilgrims ... worked and assimilated, supporting the culture that accepted them.” Say what? The pilgrims, although first, were only a couple hundred strong who, along with the many more non-pilgrims who followed, didn’t assimilate. They came with their ready-made culture and destroyed the native American cultures. That transported culture has been changing under the influence of descendants, immigrants and other factors since.

 The Native Americans had reason to be paranoid. Have we?

 Larry Simmons, Pueblo


Time to get out

of Afghanistan

 Before long, if we don’t leave Afghanistan to the natives, there will be American soldiers fighting and dying there who were born after the first United States soldiers started fighting and dying there on Oct. 7, 2001.

 Some politicians have said it is better to fight over there than to fight over here, but that totally misunderstands the conflict. It was our involvement in the Middle East in the first place that lead to 9/11. Beginning with the British discovery of oil in Saudi Arabia, the overthrow of Iran’s democratically elected president by America’s CIA and Britain’s MI6 in 1953, and on and on, we have given the people of the region ample reason to hate, fear and distrust us.

 I ordinarily wouldn’t recommend taking diplomatic or military advice from a song, but I think some lyrics from James Taylor’s “Far Afghanistan” should tell us what to do.

 “They fought against the Russians, they fought against the Brits. They fought old Alexander, talking ‘bout him ever since. And after 9/11 here comes your Uncle Sam; another painful lesson in the far Afghanistan.”

 Richard MacIndoe, Pueblo


Let's find solution

to immigration issue

Problem: Thousands of Central Americans and Mexicans seek asylum, protection and opportunity in the United States. Surely, there are some bad actors among them. The president's solution is to spend billions and billions and billions of taxpayers' money to erect a wall all along the our southern border. A wall that would quickly be assailable, need constant upkeep, have very limited adaptability and- most importantly, doe not address the fundamental problem.

Why do these folks seek asylum here? Perhaps it is time for a Marshall (like) plan that actually looks at the concerns these "invaders" have. I have no idea how to accomplish this, but I am sure that there are plenty of "very stable geniuses" out there who could figure a more humane solution.

Ken Peterson, Pueblo