No closure on missing

funds at CSU-Pueblo

The Dec. 16 opinion piece offered by Colorado State University-Pueblo President Timothy Mottet suggested the accounting mistakes are “fixed.” Well, let’s see if that is so.

To the credit of President Mottet, he has sought to clear up the missing $7.9 million in accounting issues. After the investigation, he makes the claim of “no fraud or intentional wrongdoing” that started in 2005 and persisted to the present.

The column stated that the $7.9 million was from unfunded accounts. However, lease and certificate payments were made from these accounts. Okay, it seems to me that unfunded accounts minus payments made equals bounced checks. The column said: “Therefore, there are no back payments due.” Will somebody please clarify this “funny math” for me?

The fact that the CSU Board of Governors needed to become involved to clean up the mess can only be read as a major screw-up. The staff recommendation to them was necessary to try to get CSU-Pueblo back on a sound footing financially and organize a path forward. That’s a start.

However, in typical “Pueblo fashion,” no one will be held responsible for the $7.9 million error. This is not accountability.

President Mottet wrote: “As stewards of the public trust, this is not how we do business.” However, in this case, the CSU Board of Governors seems to have acted as the “rubber stamp” to close the deal. This is very troubling for any university where public business with the use of public monies is at issue.

 Alvin Rivera, Pueblo


Insurance companies

aren't the enemy

 To hear the litigation lawyers tell it, the auto insurance companies are "a bunch of tight-fisted Scrooges" interested only in their own wealth, definitely not in their policyholders' welfare. The insurance company is the enemy. And yet we should all (lawyers included) consider that it's the deep pockets of the insurance companies that provide for those incredible multi-thousand (even million) dollar cases that are won for the clients of "high power lawyers."

 And why do the insurance companies have those deep pockets? Indeed it's all the honest, law-abiding drivers who are paying their share to pay for their right to drive. So, I guess in the final analysis, we are the enemy.

 Paul Griner, Pueblo


Border wall is an

'exercise in futility'

 I'm very confused about President Donald Trump's insistence on a border wall. Almost everyone living along the border, including their representatives, are opposed to the project. Evidence points to the wastefulness and ineffectiveness of this very expensive exercise in futility. The wall will offer very little resistance to those committed to entering our country illegally.

 The most rabid opposition will come from Texans owning land along the border. The Rio Grande River defines the entire border between Texas and Mexico and makes up about half of the total length of the border. I don't think most landowners will be happy to have large sections of their property taken by the government under eminent domain. I also doubt whether these landowners will approve of their land being separated from the river. River frontage is a valuable addition to any real property and its loss would adversely affect many innocent people.

 I realize that Trump has made the wall one of his most divisive and explosive promises, but I don't think that most conservatives understand the downside to this radical solution. Proponents of the wall should be realistic about the negative aspects of this project and drop the insistence on an expensive and ineffective solution to a difficult problem.

 George Stevens, Pueblo


Pain at pump

primarily in Pueblo

 Maybe someone at The Pueblo Chieftain would like to look into why the good people of Pueblo are being fleeced by the local gas stations.

 Last week, I paid $2.24 a gallon in Colorado Springs and saw gas in the Denver area at around the $2.05 mark, yet in Pueblo West today, I saw $2.54 and in Pueblo at $2.47. I cant be the only one who noticed?

 Richard Schilz, Pueblo West


No research backing

the border wall

 Hurray for a letter writer for his comments in the Dec. 26 edition of The Pueblo Chieftain. How refreshing to have facts given along with the source. He’s correct that building a wall on our southern border won’t alleviate any problems.

 Our government has had the habit of doing studies/reports prior to approving funding for a government project. So…

 • What government study/report shows the percentage of our national population that will benefit from having the wall built?

 • What government study/report shows other benefits that could be had for our population by using the wall money elsewhere?

 • What government study/report shows how long it takes to have tunnels (that have rail, ventilation and lighting systems) built beneath the border by drug cartels?

 • What government study/report shows how the wall specifically will improve your life?

 Linda Janiec, Pueblo West


PCHS Hornets represent

our community well

 Congratulations to Sgt. Maj. Arnold Lewis and his squad of Hornet sharpshooters. The skills and personal character traits these young people have developed certainly will benefit them well into adulthood. Winning the Colorado state championship is a high achievement that Lewis and his squad have much to be proud of.

 This achievement is in keeping with the time-honored traditions of American marksmanship and brings great credit to the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, the Pueblo County High School Hornets and our community.

 Robert Leverington, Pueblo


Trump's salary donations

benefit our veterans

 I would like to bring to everyone’s attention as I do ever quarter that President Donald Trump has donated his second quarter salary to the Small Business Association for the benefit of veterans.

 Do you still think this man is heartless? Would you do the same?

 Penny Russell, Pueblo