Here are the results of the 2020 Bent County Fair livestock sale, which took place July 24 in Las Animas.

Name; Buyer; Premium


Maggie Chase; McClave State Bank; $2,500 (Grand Champion, Bent Born and Raised Champion)

Kasen Malone; County Line Convenience Store/PIT Stop; $1,900 (Reserve Grand Champion)

Hailey Davidson; Dairy Queen; $1,300

Holly Morgan; Phillip and Dennis Paulich; $1,200

Oliver Hemphill; Ordway Feedyard; $1,900

Everly Homm; Southeast Colorado Power; $1,400

Tyler Coulter; First Insurance Services; $1,300

Roper Nichols; La Junta Mill and Elevator; $1,000

Kaden Maes; Tri-County Ford, Tri-County GM and Tri-County Dodge; $1,300

Layton Homm; Sure Crop Care and Temple Grain Elevators LLP; $13,00

Dallee Nichols; Colorado Beef; $1,200

Weston Morgan; Phillip and Dennis Paulich; $1,500

Kennedy Vallejos; Wallace Gas and Oil - Lamar; $1,300

Shali Van Campen; McClave State Bank; $1,200

Tayton Coulter; First National Bank of Las Animas; $1,250 (Rate of Gain Champion)

Addison Vallejos; Hoffman Insurance; $1,200

Cody Netherton; Netherton, Inc.; $1,900

Jozlyn Sykes; Wagner Equipment Co.; $1,200

Rylan Herrera; Carrigan Excavating, LLC; $1,300

Riggin Van Campen; Cooks Floor and Wall; $1,500

Brander Nichols; Colorado Bank and Trust Co.; $1,300


Roree Willbanks; La Junta Mill and Elevator; $1,800 (Grand Champion)

Windsor Leighty; Denton Aerial and Sure Crop Care; $1,300 (Reserve Grand Champion)

Pace Wallace; Megan and Wesley Eikner; $1,200

Kree Wallace; Dairy Queen; $1,350


Cyler Jaggers; First Insurance Services; $2,000 (Grand Champion)

Tuff Kelley; County Line Convenience Store/PIT Stop; $!,800 (Reserve Grand Champion)

Lacey Jones; McClave State Bank; $1,000

Denton Willbanks; First National Bank of Las Animas; $1,600

Megan Melendez; First Insurance Services; $800

Hailey Ebright; Hoffman Insurance; $900

Grady Ebright; Mountain Prairie; $1,000

Brett Jones; Legacy Bank; $800

Gentry Martin; 4 Rivers Equipment; $1,400

Keara Sharp; Ridley Farms and Ranches; $1,200

Blake Elam; Farm Credit of Southern Colorado; $1,500

Addison Elam; WW Feeds; $1,500

Cooper Elam; Sikes Ranch - Ray Sikes; $1,500


Cassidy Jagers; Brase Insurance; $2,000 (Grand Champion)

Corbin Jagers; Brase Insurance; $1,300 (Reserve Grand Champion, Bent Born and Raised Champion)

Alyssa Gonzales; First National Bank of Las Animas; $750

Avery Hemphill; 4 Rivers Equipment; $1,250

Jimmi Boyd; Ranchers Supply; $750

Ryan Bronniman; Mark and Kim MacDonnell; $850

Sierra Noecker; Lamar Auto Parts; $800

Hope Mitchell; 4 Rivers Equipment; $550

Kristen Marks; Temple Grain Elevators LLP and Sure Crop Care; $850

Braden Marks; McClave State Bank; $600

Katie Bronniman; SECOM; $800

Griffin Boyd; 4 Rivers Equipment; $600

Madeline Van Dyke; Michelle Walters; $1,500

Ethan Bronniman; 4 Rivers Equipment; $800

Hannah Bender; Ranchers Supply; $750

Garrett Van Dyke; Michelle Walters; $1,500

Jesus Aguilar; Bullock/Reyher Families; $750


Jason Miller; Colorado Beef; $500 (Grand Champion)

Jason Miller; Colorado Beef; $500 (Reserve Grand Champion)


Colorado Beef; Beef $1,025 per pound; $27,824.65

Griffin and Sons - Clint Griffin; Sheep $1.35 per pound; $1,289.25

Downare Auctions - Cody Downare; Hogs $0.35 per pound; $1,370.95

Griffin and Sons - Clint Griffin; Goats $2.90 per pound; $6,725.10

Randy Eddings; Poultry $5 per head; $75.00


GN Bank; Tuff Kelly

Las Animas Transfer; $100 each Beef

Thaxton's Market; $35 to each participant

Hat and Spur Hardware; $50 each Swine

La Junta Livestock; $50 each Beef

Mountain Prairie; Megan Melendez, Hailey Ebright, Brett Jones, Colby Ebright

Jean Sykes; $100 each Beef

Hemphill Cattle; $50 each Beef

Kelley Hog Farms - Matt Kelley; $50 each Swine

Bonnie Hume; Kasen Malone, Avery Hemphill, Oliver Hemphill

Colorado Mills; $65 each Beef, $40 each Sheep, $40 each Swine and $40 each goat

ACE Tire; $68.19 each Beef

Bullock/Reyher Families

Austin Motor Sales

Ron Austin Repair Shop

Val-U-Med Health Mart

Willow Creek Healthmart

rfarmer, llc

Coen Aerial Spraying


Natures Alternative Farms