Latest fishing conditions

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From Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Here is the most recent fishing conditions in southeast Colorado as reported by the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife.

Arkansas River - Leadville to Buena Vista

Information provided by Braden Baker with Ark Anglers.

As of June 18, Baker writes that "We've got excellent conditions right now on the upper Arkansas. Buena Vista and north offers the best clarity on the whole river right now, with several feet of visibility. The Hayden Meadows area is the most approachable section to wade fish, but if anglers are comfortable rock hopping through BV and the Numbers, good pocket water is starting to open up along the edges. Expect to see some early season yellow sally, golden stonefly and caddis activity. Even if nothing is hatching, you'll likely find opportunistic, competitive fish taking refuge in velocity shelters looking for an easy meal. Think dry-hopper or shallow nymphing with large attractor flies like chernobyl ants, stimulators, Pat's rubberlegs, etc. As the water continues to recede, conditions will get better and better!"

Flows: 387 CFS at Hayden Meadows, 942 CFS at Granite.

John Martin Reservoir

As of June 18, fishing has been inconsistent at John Martin Reservoir. Park staff noted that there have several strong wind storms that have discouraged both fish and anglers. Outside these events, anglers have indicated having some success with crappie, wiper, and even walleye. Ambient temperatures have hit daily highs up to 100 degrees and staff noted that the best fishing is in the cooler hours, morning and evening. Water temperatures have been recorded in the high 60's up to 70 degrees. The east and west boat ramps are open, however boat ramps may close if the water levels in the reservoir are low. All boats must be inspected prior to launching.

Pueblo Reservoir

As of June 18, there have been many reports that fishing is great at Lake Pueblo. One angler reported they have had success pulling in walleye and wipers while fishing close to shore near large drop offs. Fish were caught on worms and leeches. Other anglers reported catching trout, bass and walleye with night crawlers by boat.

Lake Trinidad

As of June 8, Trinidad Lake has reported good fishing. The lake is at 726 surface acres with a surface elevation of 6,184.22. Surface water temps ranging between 62-65 degrees. Boaters have had great luck trolling for trout and targeting walleye and smallmouth in 10-20 feet. South shore fishermen were catching trout with hooks tipped with dough bait and worms. Catching trout at 12-15 inch are common. Reilly Canyon: Decent sized trout and perch are being caught with jigs/worms. Shallow water with vegetation in water less than 12 feet deep.

Horseshoe Lake

As of June 17, the rangers at Lathrop State Park report that at Horseshoe Lake: "trout fishing has been slow. Anglers report having the most action on Power Bait and worms. Bass fishing from the dam has been more rewarding than over on Martin. Anglers are still reporting that spoons, kastmasters, and other artificial lures have been the most beneficial for bringing in bass. Warmer waters have led to increased activity from catfish and carp. Fishing for catfish has been reported as the most active around dawn and dusk."

Martin Lake

As of June 17, park staff at Lathrop State Park reported the following conditions for Martin Lake: "Higher temperatures and windy conditions are making for slower trout fishing production, especially later in the afternoon. Anglers are still reporting catching trout on worms and PowerBait. Bass and other sunfish species have begun to become more aggressive as reported by anglers, and are hitting on spoons and other artificial lures. Trolling or fishing with swimbaits has led to more anglers pulling in pike and muskie. Wiper have been most active in the early morning hours prior to sunrise."

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